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06-17-2004, 06:21 PM
I need a stereo to use with my computer (PowerMac G4)- for DVD's, but especially music. I have 2500 songs (most are apple lossless encoded or 300 bit rate mp4 or higher) - and my harman kardon soundsticks just aren't gonna cut it now. The problem is I only have 600/700 bucks to spend. I liked the "321 Home Entertainment System" from Bose, but 900 is a little much for me right now and the reviews here and elsewhere suggest that Bose isn't what its made out to be. My brother has a Sony Dreamsystem which is total crap in my opinion, so that's also out.

Somebody suggested the following system:

He said it would be much better than the Bose system I was looking at. Does anyone here have any other ideas...substitutions for something listed here or something else entirely?

Surround sound is not a must, but I'd really like to have it. This will be for a pretty small room - but it should still be powerful enough. Clarity and fullness are most important - size (it can't be too big) second, looks third. Thanks.