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06-16-2004, 11:09 AM
I went to a "record show" over the weekend. I put it in quotes because it was basically a few people selling mostly vinyl and some CDs, but there weren't really many collectables involved. Anyway, for $20, including price of admission I picked up the following and all the vinyl is in really good condition (although the covers of a couple of them are beat up a bit):

Alphaville - "Big In Japan" 12"
Burning Sensations - s/t EP
Crenshaw, Marshall - Field Day
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Too Rye Ay
Green On Red - No Free Lunch
Green On Red - Here Come the Snakes
Guadalcanal Diary - Walking in the Shadow Of the Big Man
Guadalcanal Diary - 2 X 4
Icicle Works - s/t
Oingo Boingo - s/t EP

A few of them I already had in one format or another, but the quality and price was hard for me to pass up. I don't buy much new vinyl, but I really enjoy finding stuff like this at good prices.


06-16-2004, 11:45 AM
Yeah, used vinyl is great. I love getting a nice new record, but just for the price of used vinyl, I think getting a turntable is worthwhile. A record shop in town always has a few things I can grab for a buck a piece in their dollar bins. Usually they're stuff that is in good shape, but maybe the cover is beat up a bit, or there are some fingerprints or something on it (which clean off easily). They pretty much only sell stuff that's close to perfect for more than a buck. I've picked up a ton of stuff from them like that, including:

The entire CCR catalog
Thelonious Monk: Monk's Dream
Soft Cell: Tainted Love 12"
David Bowie: David Live
Def Lep: Pyromania
AC/DC: Highway to Hell
Miles Davis: Greatest
Roberta Flack: Killing Me Softly
Supremes: Baby Love

Tons more, but those are just a few that come to mind. I usually grab 2-3 out of that bin every time I'm in there.

80s vinyl, as long as it isn't something rare, is usually a great bargin and pretty readily available for 3-5 bucks a pop at most places. 70s is usually similarly priced in many places I've found, but harder to find. Once you get back to the 60s and older, it gets a lot harder to come by anything decent at a good price, but there's always the occasional lucky find. H<a>ell, I picked up my copy of Elvis's first RCA album at a thrift shop for 5 bucks.

Jazz, unfortunately, is usually much harder to come by cheap.

Classical is practically given away on vinyl unless you're searching for something rare.

Now that I have a burner that can record from vinyl, I buy vinyl almost exclusively when available. (except for when the vinyl is priced higher than the CD, usually only if its some fancy audiophile thing or an import, or if I can't find it and just have to have something fast) Burn a copy to disc for a few cents and I end up with a vinyl copy for home and a CD copy for the car and office.

Oh, and I just got that job, so I'm outta Lansing at the end of the month.

06-16-2004, 12:07 PM
Oh, and I just got that job, so I'm outta Lansing at the end of the month.

awesome! where ya headin now?


06-16-2004, 02:00 PM
Headin' back home St. Louis way.

Lookin' forward to gettin' there, but the move is gonna be brutal. I've got 2 1/2 weeks to pack and move, plus I gotta go to a wedding in Colorado somewhere in there.

As long as the wife finds us an apartment (she's already there) everything should work out. Hectic, but not impossible by any stretch.

Dusty Chalk
06-16-2004, 08:41 PM
Oingo Boingo - s/t EPActually, I think that's kind of rare...

06-16-2004, 08:50 PM
Def Lep: Pyromania

Hmmm, that's one that came to mind? Not sure I'd admit to even having that one. :)
Actually, I used to have their first two albums on vinyl and they were decent, but I sold them about 10 years ago along with a bunch of other vinyl including a bunch of Kiss stuff.

Oh, and I just got that job, so I'm outta Lansing at the end of the month.

Congrats on getting the job. I wish I had had a chance to get over there to have a beer with you. But I probably have just as good of chance of getting to St. Louis these days as Lansing anyway. Good luck finding a place.