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06-14-2004, 11:49 AM
B&W just released an, ummm...interesting sub. It's kind of cool in a minimalist-black leather & chrome sorta way. Have you guys or gals heard any buzz on this thing?

From B&W's website:
Technical Specifications : PV1

Description Active closed-box subwoofer
Dimensions Height: 335.5mm 13.2 in)
Width: 289mm (11.4 in)
Depth: 347mm (13.7 in)

Net Weight 20.5kg (45 lb)
Freq. Response ±3dB 21Hz – 31/110Hz adjustable (EQ at i)
Freq. Range -6dB at 18Hz and 40/140Hz adjustable (EQ at i)
Drive Units Unit 1: 2x f200mm (8 in) mica / aluminium cone long-throw
Unit 2:
Unit 3:

Finish Silver with grey trim
Black with dark grey trim
Sub Woofer Amplifier Description: Class-D IcePower®
Power Output: 500W
Input Impedance: 100k ohms
Signal Noise: >90dB
Functions: Volume level
Low-pass filter frequency
Bass roll-off alignment
Auto sense on/standby
Phase switch
Inputs: Line In (RCA Phono)
Speaker Level In (RJ11)
10m cable with RJ11 plug supplied
Outputs: Link Out (RCA Phono)

Low Pass Filter Active 2nd -order, variable cut-off frequency
(applies only to speaker level input)

This Guy
06-14-2004, 05:05 PM
Weird. I don't know how it would have such a long throw with that thin surround. Very interesting.

06-14-2004, 05:44 PM
hahaha - that must go with the 800 snail model - it looks kinda funky and rather "cool" in "A Clockwork Orange" sorta way.

Now whether it will sound good or not who knows. B&W doesn't usually screw it up though so I'm banking on sound to match the looks.

06-14-2004, 10:13 PM
Interestingly enough, they're matching it with the FPM, 700, and N800 lines. I wonder if that's an aluminum enclosure or just painted plastic? It certainly is different, to say the least.

06-16-2004, 11:01 AM
this is the first time i hear and see this product. but by the looks alone id say 10/10 on the WAF scale. finally we can all have bass! yeay!!
on the sound note, the FPM are not traditional b&w speakers. they are intended for people who want plasma tvs with surround sound but dont give a hoot about the quality of music. because, and i hope we can all agree, the 700 and 800 line sound way better than the FPM. matter of fact, so does the 600. and while im at it, the 300 does as well. so, judging purely on the looks of this thing (which does seem to be the factor of importance here), my feeling is that this would be a great sub to match with the FPM. but id think it wise to say stick with the ASW's if music comes before minimalist Y2K good looks. {this opinion is based on my impression by the looks alone, i have not heard this sub}

06-16-2004, 11:08 AM
we need to remember that b&w is synonymous with great sounding speakers, but that it is also synonymous with killer good looks. remember the launch of the CM line? yeah, they looked great (and still do), but the sound was no better than the 600 series yet the price was much higher.

anyway, having said that, i think i might get one. does anyone know the retail?

06-16-2004, 03:27 PM
Interesting specs and a very cool look. Looks like B&W's going with the small box/long throw/high power setup similar to comparable Velodyne, REL, or Sunfire subs. Their literature claims that its design was inspired by diving bells because they can handle pressure forces so well. They also say that the aluminum outer skin also dissipates the heat. Interesting that B&W decided to go with an aluminum driver on this sub.

According to B&W's website, the PV1's list price is $1,500, which is about in the same general range as those small displacement high power sealed subs from Sunfire and Velodyne. My question would be how well this sub does with distortion. Supposedly, the Sunfires can go quite low but they also generate distortion in the process.