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06-13-2004, 02:57 PM
Hello all,
I could use some advise. If you happen to live in/near Pleasanton, CA., and you do installations, shoot me an email, i'm willing to pay for advise/recommendations on equipment and configurations as well.

Anyway, i have a Denon AVR3200 reciever, Sony C650D DVD player, NHT 2.5i's (Fronts) and a NHT Audiocenter- one (center).
I'd like to complete my home theater with some rear speakers and add speakers around the house (living room (3), kitchen (2), upstair bedroom(2) and upstairs den(2)) and in the backyard(2 or 3). In addition to the speakers i'd like to have the capability to adjust the volume and possibly the reciever (i.e. change cd or tuner channel) in each room and outside if possible. Lastly, i'd like to have the multiroom capability so the kids can watch a movie and the adults can listen to music in another room.
I've been doing quite a bit of reading but i am still unclear as to what pieces i need to make this happen. My current reciever doesn't have multiroom capability, so do i buy another reciever to handle the other speakers in the house? Will the CD player allow for a second reciever connection?. I've also read that i should just use a 12 channel amplifer to connect all the speakers to it. Would i still need an amp to power in this situation? What should i consider to match the speakers to the current speakers and reciever?
I'm not sure what this will cost me, so if possible perhaps i will just use the Denon for now without multiroom capability and i can always replace the reciever later.

Any suggestions on configuration and equipment type would be greatly appreciated.

This is all too confusing for me...Thanks!