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06-09-2004, 09:46 AM
Sung Tongs. Anyone else heard this yet? Fun CD with so many likeable magic pop moments scattered throughout. Kind of like Stephin Merritt's sprawling magnum opus <i>69 Love Songs</i> in that respect. Except in this case only one disc of goodness. At first it seemed a bit on the strange side, odd songs stitched together and punctuated with wonderfully inventive melodies and sounds. Lots of sounds. Fragile vocal harmonies. Nylon string guitars. Lots of acoustic guitars. Bubbling noises in the background reminiscent of Sparklehorse. Beatles psychedelia that brings to mind the playful inventiveness of Olivia Tremor Control and some of the other Elephant 6 collective. Sounds kind of goofy, I know. And I guess it is. But it's also kind of addictive. One of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year right now according to <a href="">MetaCritic</a>, I imagine in no small part because of the inventiveness and weirdness. Anyway, just thought I would post some preliminary comments since it was one of the CDs in my wordless Tuesday rotation animated gif thingie (and also because it seems kind of slow around here :)).