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06-07-2004, 10:11 AM
Anybody got any favorite record labels? If so, which ones and why?

I'll toss out a couple to get started...

SST: In the early/mid 80s, this label was huge for punk/indie bands with a lineup including Black Flag, the Minutemen, Husker Du, the Decendants and others. Not only did the big names of the day put out records on the label, but you could get a listen to a host of side projects with members of various bands working together. They still sell below retail on their web site, and most all of their major releases are still available on vinyl.

Tomlab: Eclectic German label that I just had to mention since I was listening to both of their releases by The Books over the weekend and those are absolutely the best vinyl pressings I have in my collection, flat, dead silent, heavy vinyl. I'll take this kind of quality over anything I've seen by speciality audiophile labels any day. When you consider that the Tomlab releases were both in my local shop for 12 bucks, it really makes you wonder where all the money goes on those expensive reissues and such.

I've got some others in mind, but I'll let the rest of you toss out some more. If no one mentions 'em, maybe I'll come back and add to my list later.