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05-31-2004, 11:41 AM
So we dicide to Bar-b-q on saturday. We cooked up a bunch of burgers, and some porkroll for a Quiche. After letting the grill cool down enough to take the racks out and hook up the rotisery, we were ready to cook up some "weed rat - rotisery style" er a nice 6lb pork roast encrusted with fresh garlic and rosemary. I turned on the grill again to get it hot for searing in the juices. As soon as I put the roast on and went to plug in the turny thing, the tank burped and out went the light. Luckily I did have a spare tank so that was no biggie. Ok, now were finaly ready so on goes the switch for the rotisery and something don't sound right. We used it maybe 10 times but for much lighter hunks of meat but I imediately saw what was happening. The roast was heavy enough to bow the whole rod and bascket assembly and putting enough stress on the drive bearings to kill them. Grind, grind, hummm, stop. Now I wasn't too happy but bit the bullet and got a pair of vise grips and was determined to get this roast cooked.

I had Mrs Hyfi put on some tunes and flip on the patio speakers as I was in for a long haul. I got a beer and put on Troy's Trower comp Bridges in the Mist. This whole awesome 2 disk set is just the right beats per minute to rotisery by. Or exersise! Now I'm jammin! All of a sudden, the left speaker starts to crackle a bit and in a few minutes it was silent. I had Carolyn fill in for a few whilst I climbed the ladder to check things out. It never did play again. I quickly went in and turned up the other 2 sets of speakers and opened windows. Stopping only to check what the internal temp should be and how long per pound to roast. Yikes it was 45 minutes a pound.

Well I turned and turned that pair of vice grips slowly........for 3 damn hours! 3 beers, two glasses of wine and a few more cd's, this baby was ready to come off the grill. An hour later, nothing else mattered besides the pork that was melting in my mouth.

Who else has a good story about Bar-b-q situations?

Hey all, hope yer all having a great extended weekend!!!

House of Hyfi

05-31-2004, 12:52 PM
I'm sure Troy won't mind a bit if I correct you on this one...I made the Trower twofer and sent it to you eons ago.

It's nice to hear it was put to good use!


05-31-2004, 03:40 PM
i had a Grand Mal *****up about 25 years ago at a barbq we hosted on Memorial day. . I owned a McIntosh Ma 6100. If that doesn;t mean anyting to you, its WAS a high $$$ hi end Integrated Amp. I had the bright idea, as all 20 somethings will have from time to time, of running 100 feet of wire from my listening room, out of a window, to our patio, where I would hook said wire up to some decent two way bookshelfs installed up in the top of the roof over the patio. Sounds good huh? Well, ever way I could fook it up I did.

First mistake, Wire, 24 guage. D'Oh!!

And, I'm really embarrased to say this, I drill a 1/4" hole in my aluminum window frame to run the wire thru. Well, the edges of the hole are razor sharp. And instead of running the wire 90 feet from the patio to this hole, and threading 10 feet thru the hole & into the back of the amp, I start from the amp, and pull 90 feet THRU this hole, with razor sharp edges. Upon close inspection, after I blew the amp, would you like to guess how much insulation was stripped off the wire? About 50 feet. Anyway, I get ahead of myself. Our guests arrive, and I tell em about the great sound they're gonna hear on the patio. Right. How can I describe the smell of burning output transistors in the Mac. The soudn was good for a few seconds at least. Anyway, the ribs were great, the backup Sony receiver worked great in the listneing room, and ever buddy had a pretty good time. Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, Sex Pistols, 95 temps, blowed up amp and lots of beer/pot = a great 1979 time!! Mac never was the same, even afte two trips to repair shop :(