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mad rhetorik
05-31-2004, 10:51 AM
'77 was a landmark year for music. Let's see your favorite albums from punk's heyday. Here's my picks:

1. Wire: <b>Pink Flag</b>
2. Pink Floyd: <b>Animals</b>
3. TIE: The Clash: self-titled, Ramones: <b>Rocket To Russia</b>
4. Television: <b>Marquee Moon</b>
5. David Bowie: <b>Low</b>

05-31-2004, 12:44 PM
For me (some overlap with yours):

1. Talking Heads -- '77

2. Elvis Costello -- My Aim is True

3. David Bowie -- Low

4. Sex Pistols -- Never Mind the Bollocks . . . .

5. The Clash -- (s/t)

(And I dig the other ones on your list too.)

N. Abstentia
05-31-2004, 02:48 PM
1. Rush - A Farewell To Kings

2. Steely Dan - Aja

3. Pink Floyd - Animals

4. Yes - Going For The One

5. Fleetwood Mac - Rumors

Dusty Chalk
05-31-2004, 04:23 PM
Well, I've had the following criticism levied against me: if you remember the 70's, you were doing it wrong.

That said, I don't. Well, I do, better than some people I know, but...what can I say, I'm geezin'.

Mine, of what I do remember (and from help from prior "votes"), plus looking at AMG to see what some of my favourite artists were up to that year:

Pink Floyd, Animals -- one of my top two favourite albums of all time, so of course it's number one for 1977. Just some great patient jamming interspersed by some great songs.

Yes, Going for the One -- yup, gotta second that choice, this album is great from beginning to end, although I didn't think so at the time. I do think so now.

David Bowie, "Heroes" and Low both came out this year, according to AMG, and they've been decades-long growers for me. I still listen to them once in a while. As a matter of fact, I think I'll put them on next.

Kraftwerk, Trans-Europe Express -- one of their best albums, really their first coherent pop album.

Rush, A Farewell to Kings -- L, yeah! That was probably the beginning of my "peak" Rush fan years, culminating in the early 80's...

Blue Öyster Cult released Spectres that year, and though I don't listen to it much these days, I played the snot out of it then. I should see if I have it on CD...

Emerson, Lake & Palmer released Works, Vol. 1 that year...nah...not one of my favourites...

Black Sabbath didn't release anything that year...neither did Oldfield...Manfred Mann's Earth Band were between Roaring Silence and Watch that year.

Steve Miller Band released the follow-up to Fly Like an Eagle, Book of Dreams

Vangelis released Spiral, one of my favourite recordings by him...

Jean-Michel Jarre released the landmark Oxygene album -- definitely that one would be in my top 5 from that year.

Jethro Tull were up to Songs from the Wood by that point. Hmmm...(strokes chin)...

Golden Earring looks like they released a couple of live albums that year, I have no idea what Mad Love is...

Jeff Beck released ...with the Jan Hammer Group Live that year -- that was pretty blistering...

Genesis had released Seconds Out at that point...dang, have to seriously think about that...

Styx released Grand Illusion that year.

Al Di released the splendid Casino that year...hmm...that might have to oust Jeff Beck's release of that year...

I'm pretty sure...yes, Supertramp released Even in the Quietest Moments from that year...which will probably have to go into the "honorable mentions" category...

And just for the record, Journey had released Next that year, a Finch Platte discovery...REO Speedwagon hadn't barely begun to pollute the airwaves with their live You Get What You Play For...Eric Clapton had released his landmark, Slowhand album...Peter Frampton released the embarassingly covered I'm In You (oh no you're not!)...

Tangerine Dream released their Sorceror soundtrack, as well as their wonderful Encore live album...

And Klaus Schulze was absolutely peaking then, with the two volumes of Body Love and Mirage...

Alright, so, to recap, mine are:

Pink Floyd, Animals
Jean-Michel Jarre, Oxygene
Al Di Meola, Casino
Kraftwerk, Trans Europe Express
Genesis, Seconds Out
Klaus Schulze, Mirage

Honourable mentions (and by "honourable mentions", I mean that on a different day, these could make my top 5):

Kraftwerk, Trans Europe Express
Supertramp, Even in the Quietest Moments
Rush, A Farewell to Kings
Styx, Grand Illusion
David Bowie, Low and "Heroes"
Blue Öyster Cult, Spectres
Vangelis, Spiral
Jethro Tull, Songs from the Wood
Yes, Going for the One
Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group Live
Tangerine Dream, Encore, Sorceror
Klaus Schulze, Body Love Vol. 2
Steve Miller Band, Book of Dreams

EDIT # 2: King Crimson were on hiatus that year -- USA was released in 1975 (Red in 1974), and Discipline was released in 1981.

EDIT #3 (Fur dbi): Eno released Before and After Science that year. Hey, I'm just trying to make it multiple choice for some people...

Ex Lion Tamer
06-01-2004, 05:01 AM
'77 was a landmark year for music. Let's see your favorite albums from punk's heyday. Here's my picks:

1. Wire: <b>Pink Flag</b>
2. Pink Floyd: <b>Animals</b>
3. TIE: The Clash: self-titled, Ramones: <b>Rocket To Russia</b>
4. Television: <b>Marquee Moon</b>
5. David Bowie: <b>Low</b>

Pink Flag is the album I have listened to most from that year, and I still pull it out on a regular basis, 25 years after first buying it, and wearing it out. Here's my top six and ties...

Wire - Pink Flag
The Clash
The Jam - In The City
TIE: Peter Tosh - Equal Rights, Marley - Exodus
Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bullocks
TIE: Pink Floyd - Animals, Peter Gabriel - 1st eponymous

06-01-2004, 05:36 AM
I like DustyChalks list a lot.

Secounds Out is pretty good, all things considered, with an excellent version of Suppers Ready on it, worth admission alone is that one.

Going for the One is okay to me, but I'm not nuts over that one or Relayer, either.

Songs from the Wood is one of my favorite albums.

Rush's "Farewell"...too yummy.

Styx album too, is excellent.

I'm not in front of my collection so I can't list a definitive list...


06-01-2004, 06:01 AM
A few that were big for me:

ELO - Out of the Blue
Cheap Trick - In Color
Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
Godley & Creme - Consequences
Queen - News of the World
Pink Floyd - Animals
Billy Joel - The Stranger

A top 100 list of albums in 1977 can be found here, although it's a very slow-loading page:

06-01-2004, 07:09 AM
What I listened to then (unencumbered by a top five ceiling) in no order

James Taylor, JT
Abba, Arrival
Billy Joel, The Stranger
Dave edmunds, Get It
Supertramp, Even In The Quietest Moments
Jimmy Buffet, Changes In Lattitudes, Changes In Attitudes
Pink Floyd, Animals
Fleetwood mac, Rumours
Steely Dan, Aja
ELO, Out Of The Blue
Meatloaf, Bat Out Of Hell
Randy Newman, Little Criminals
Eagles, Hotel California

Listen to now:

Abba, Arrival (No Abba bashing, this is a borderline great album)
Television, Marquee Moon
Steely Dan, Aja
Clash, S/T
Elvis Costello, My Aim Is True
Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
Pink Floyd, Animals
Bob Marley, Exodus
Sex Pistols, Never Mind Them Bullocks...
Talking Heads 1977
Supertramp, Even In The Quietest moments
Queen, News Of The World
Randy Newman, Little Criminals
Peter Gabriel, S/T
The Jam, In The City

Thnx to PowerPopGuy Dude's list, AMG, and my foggy memory. Also, nice to see Richard Hell's Blank Generation rank up there at # 19 on PPG's list.

06-01-2004, 07:46 AM
dld, are you sending anything for the Soundtrack comp? So far, I've received two packages for the project and I seem to remember you had some to contribute. No biggie if not.

06-01-2004, 08:07 AM
Pink Floyd- Animals
Yes- Going for the One
Happy the Man- s/t
Peter Gabriel's First album
Elvis Costello- My Aim is True

No punk, but I'd pick a lot of new wave in subsequent years.

Actually, not that great a year in my book. I'd have a lot of trouble culling to five in 1976 or '78.

Dusty Chalk
06-01-2004, 08:11 AM
I can't believe I forgot ELO and APP, there, PPG! And of course, PG. Add to that one more:

Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, Live -- don't listen to it much now, but I have it pretty much memorized. Played the snot out of that record.

Should indicate the kind of crowd I hung around with back then. Didn't go to the show, but I heard you couldn't see the stage.

06-01-2004, 10:56 AM
dld, are you sending anything for the Soundtrack comp? So far, I've received two packages for the project and I seem to remember you had some to contribute. No biggie if not.

Sorry, constant travel plus a crappy cold has taken its toll. If you can wait a week (going out of town tomorrow) I'll have ya something.

Mr MidFi
06-01-2004, 11:10 AM
PF - Animals
Many the day and long were the nights I listened to this one with headphones on and a curious incense wafting through the air. Finally bought it on CD 2 days ago.

Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True
I used to be dusgusted. But now I try to be amused.

Genesis - Seconds Out
At the time, this and Trick of the Tail were my two absolute faves. Still powerful stuff, if a little dated.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
Outstanding songwriting, start to finish. Wasn't a fan of it then, but am now.

The Clash - s/t
Never Mind the Bullocks got it all started, but this was the better album. Still is.

Interesting mix. I might just load all 5 in the changer tonight, and press Random Play. That would be...odd. But fun.

Dusty Chalk
06-01-2004, 12:10 PM
Another forgotten one that I played the snot out of: Judas Priest, Sin After Sin

Hmmm...makes me think of (don't know why, other than that was the sort of the music that this pimply faced kid listened to that year) Ted Nugent, with his Cat Scratch Fever (other than Double Live Gonzo, prolly my most freq-listened disk of his).

And yes, Consequences was a bizarre disk -- loved it.

06-01-2004, 12:54 PM
Some that come to mind

Stranglers.......................Rattus Norvegicus
Southside Johnny............This Time it's for real
Ian Dury..........................New Boots and Panties
Al Green.........................The Belle Album
Bob Marley.....................Exodus
Rod Stewart....................Footloose and Fancy Free
Little Feat.......................Time Loves a Hero
Frankie Miller...................Full House
The Motors.....................s/t
Thin Lizzy.......................Bad Reputation

plus the Clash, Bowie, Jam,Television and Pistols.

In retrospect 1977 had some damn fine albums


06-01-2004, 01:17 PM
'77 was a landmark year for music. Let's see your favorite albums from punk's heyday. Here's my picks:

1. Wire: <b>Pink Flag</b>
2. Pink Floyd: <b>Animals</b>
3. TIE: The Clash: self-titled, Ramones: <b>Rocket To Russia</b>
4. Television: <b>Marquee Moon</b>
5. David Bowie: <b>Low</b>

Wow. Lots of good stuff in 1977. Reviewing the lists so far, here's what I remember spinning constantly. I don't necessarily consider them the best of 1977, but they spent a lot of time on my turntable, and would all rank high still.

Yes - Going For The One. This album was mixed right, with Howe's guitar kicking-ass right out of the starter block.
Pink Floyd - Animals. Big man, pig man. A strange album totally unlike WYWH. A true original.
Alan Parsons Project - I Robot. Great combination of Parsons studio expertise with the folky songwriting of Woolfson. I remember loving Don't Let It Show.
Ultravox - Ultravox. To this day, nothing beats I Want To Be A Machine. The Sex Pistols made great headlines, but John Foxx made art.
Camel - Raindances. This album had it all, from soft ballads to rocking jazz fusion.
Steely Dan - Aja. I can't stop at five. Nothing was cooler than this one in 1977.
Max Webster - High Class In Borrowed Shoes. If you're Canadian, this was the party album of the year. She Comes Across Like Diamonds, Diamonds.
GIno Vannelli - A Pauper In Paradise. Side 2 with the orchestra was a mind-blower as is the jazz-fusion third movement.

06-01-2004, 01:25 PM
My top 5:

Pink Floyd: Animals
Peter Gabriel: s/t
David Bowie: Low
Television: Marquee Moon
Talking Heads: '77

Runners Up:

Dire Straits: Making Movies
David Bowie: Heroes
Rush: A Farewell to Kings
Elvis Costello: My Aim is True

06-01-2004, 04:26 PM
Significant albums for me. A 14 yr old.

Pink Floyd - Animals
Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood
Styx - The Grand Illusion. Styx was God to me then. hehehe
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
Steely Dan - Aja. I remember thinking this sucked. I like it now of course.

These are the ones I remember listening to as a kid. I still have the original LP's of Styx, Fleetwood and Steely.


Edit: How could I forget AC/DC. We rocked endlessly to this band.

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock. Fuggin eh. This album rawks. I defy anyone to say it didn't.

06-01-2004, 04:56 PM
My top 5:

Runners Up:

Dire Straits: Making Movies

Holy crapola, how could I leave off Making Movies? possibly Dire Straits' best, certainly my favorite.

06-01-2004, 05:10 PM
Sorry, constant travel plus a crappy cold has taken its toll. If you can wait a week (going out of town tomorrow) I'll have ya something.

No problem, man.

06-02-2004, 04:25 AM
It would be easy to have missed Making Movies off your list, because

1. Dire Straits............................s/t 1978
2. Dire straits.............................Communique' 1979
3. Dire Straits............................Making Movies 1980

MM .My fave DS album too.

06-02-2004, 05:01 AM
Some great stuff ya'll mentioned, like:

The Stranglers - Rattus Noevegicus. Probably most here have never heard this band or especially this album, it's incredible. Kind of a punk The Doors.

AC/DC - Let there be Rock - Like Darren said. I played the crapola out of this one. I was 17 in 1977 and that age/timing of rock/prog/etc. was great.

Ultravox - Barry's listing refreshed me on this recording. It's an ok album with 1 killer song, with the rest not in the same class as "I want to be a Machine". But I still like the album a lot but their Ure based stuff is my fave era.

Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation - I played the ultra crapola out of this one, and still do. It's smooth, deep, and dark "slow" rock, and really just excellent.

Judas Priest & Ted Nugent - uh huh played them a lot too, especially Double Live Gonzo and Cat Scratch Fever. Ted had balls and a sound like no other, I liked his attitude.

Steely Dan - Aja - I was not really hip into the Dan until maybe 10 years after this came out. Sure, we played their stuff (along with Born to Run and Frampton Comes Alive) though a lot while partying...

Cheap Trick - In Color - another excellent one!

BMW - Exodus - superb.

Keep on listing some stuff folks, I need ideas for new "old" stuff like this I may have missed. Thanks!


06-03-2004, 10:39 AM
This is nearly impossible for me -- there were so many good albums released that year. As of now, here it is:

(1) The Clash - s/t (UK)
(2) Wire - Pink Flag
(3) Ramones - Leave Home
(4) Ramones - Rocket To Russia
(5) Congos - Heart of the Congos

The remaining of the top 10:

Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True
Peter Gabriel - s/t (Car)
Bob Marley - Exodus
Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bullocks
Peter Tosh - Equal Rights

Five more great ones:

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded
Television - Marquee Moon
Talking Heads - '77
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
Cheap Trick - s/t