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05-27-2004, 05:09 AM
this is a local artist (a friend) who just sent me his latest in the mail this week. i've given it a couple of spins already. i am absolutely floored. it's incomprehensible to me how this kid can be this good.

his other record, Dryland, is wonderful... but my only complaint with it is that it's a little too long (68mins i think). this one, Silverland, is about 38 mins. it's so deep and clever and wonderfully textured. the musicianship is there, but these other things you just don't expect to hear from a 19y/o kid recording things in his bedroom. i can't say enough.

if you missed my previous descriptions, it's stripped down guitar and vocals for the most part. some standup bass accompaniment, piano, drums on a few tracks. the guitar is softly played nylon string - elegant melodies and chord progressions. his voice is the thing to hear. think tom waits or johnny cash trapped in a 19 year old. staggering.

05-27-2004, 07:29 AM
cmon guys! give it a shot! if you order his stuff and don't like it, i'll gladly buy your copy back from you. i have dozens of friends that are begging me for his discs but i refuse to burn copies and they're too lazy to email the kid and buy one on their own. so this way i could sell them your unwanted copy.

i don't see this happening.

if you like tom waits or bob dylan or anything along those lines, go for it.