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05-25-2004, 12:44 AM
Hello everybody!

I recently found a pair of Quadraflex Q30 Stereo Headphones.

So I'm wondering were these hi-fi headphones back in the day? Its almost impossible to find information on Quadraflex headphones on the net.

I really like them and they sound pretty good to me, I actually like the retro "cheesy" big headphones look, I wonder, as I be a newbie...if the large headphones actually contribute to the sound?

Here are the details:

They are probably from the 70's or 80's.

Made in Japan - 8 ohms.

They have big black plastic headphone cups, with comfortable, thick leather cushioning, still intact and strong.

The internal speaker of each headphone has a silver grill with holes and stuff.

The top head rest strap is pleather I think or plastic with a retro motorcyle like pattern that snaps over a metal head strap section...that thing that goes over your head.

They also have the coolest feature I think, a slider sound/volume level on each headphone cup! So you can adjust the volume on each headphone separately!

It also has a switch on one of the headphones for MONO or STEREO!

They cancel outside/external noise a bit which suprised me, I'm not a previous owner of headphones, but that was a little detail that was nice.

And really 70's logos in purple on silver on the headphones, the logo graphics remind me of 70's design with angular yet swirly graphics, like Studio 54!

I really should take photos, I'll see if I can add them to this thread later today so we can take a closer look.

I've been considering moving from earphones to headphones for home listening so it was great to find such retro big headphones like this recently. My brother use to have similar BIG headphones back in the Disco days! :cool:

So if anyone one has any idea what these cost originally or if they were/are considered hi-fi equipment and if they are really rare or just your everyday headphones, please let me know.

Any info is appreciated!

Thank you! :)

Resident Loser
05-25-2004, 07:01 AM
...and some surfing...and please remember to take info gleaned on the web with a grain of salt...

Quadraflex may have been the "house brand" for Pacific Stereo, a now defunct retailer...at least according to one site. I found a pair of their 'phones for sale at another for $50US...there was also mention of a quadraphonic reciever at yet another, speaker repair and parts at still another and a TT belt enterprise would seem to have parts for their analog TTs...whether or not these items are in anyway related is anyones guess...given the dearth of info and paucity of references, the "house brand" bit may be the case...I've never heard of 'em and I go back to the days of Heathkits and Lafayette radio and electronics, not that that means much.

Way back when, just about all 'phones were sealed, circumaural models(which by their nature exclude more outside noise) nothing unique in that respect...level and balance controls, even stereo/mono switches were available on some brands and models, I tend to suspect those bells and whistles were more prevalent on lesser brands, but that's debateable...

While closed cups can offer "better" bass response and minimize feedback(required in certain situations), the downside can be one of comfort levels...and the state of the art has improved significantly in open-air design since yours were produced but, if you like them and are satisfied with their sound, what they are or purport to be is really beside the point...

jimHJJ(...enjoy the music...)