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05-21-2004, 08:05 PM

I'm a newbiew looking to buy a turntable. I gathered a lot of useful information here.
Could anybody help me find a A/V store I could go and look around in New York City area?

Many thanks,

Jimmy C
05-22-2004, 11:38 AM
...but I have a few suggestions.

First of all, I'll assume (uh, oh...) that you're in (or very near) THE City... you have a few biggies within a short cab ride (albeit $1 more now! :*) - Lyric HiFi, Sound By Singer, and Ears Nova (hifi@earsnova.com... your Rega stop), etc. I will also assume (double uh, oh...) that you are looking for a relatively inexpensive, decent-sounding, entry level rig.

IF you can venture out to the suburbs (Long Island), here are a few stores that I'm quite familar with to get started, from West to East...

In Glen Cove (North Shore) "Harvey's" (Harveyonline.com) has N.A.D., Pro-Ject, and Thorens. There might (IIRC) be a store in the City as well. Some nice gear.

In Rockville Center (moving South...) there is AmericanAudiophile.com... they sell the Music Hall line. A cramped, poor-sounding store with some good stuff. Owner/co-owner seem pretty nice - I have purchased a pair of speakers there. As a matter of fact, there is a selection of demo/used stuff including a Sota Moonbeam/Grado for $250.

Roughly 40 miles from the "Big Apple" Audio Visions, in West Babylon (no web), sells Oracle (expensive), Pro-Ject, and Sota. Steve and Bob will spend a lot of time with you, no pressure. A few tables are usually set up, I bought my Perspective there (whick I liked better than the Rega 25 :^)

Another Rega possibility... AudioDen.com. They are located in Lake Grove, nice new store and a lot of good stuff (Maggie, Dynaudio, Levinson, Rogue, etc.), geared mostly to expensive HT. They are doing well, and the attitude of some of the staff (owners?) says so - unfortunately. Another store that does used/demo gear. They at least USED to have turntables, not sure.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help, happy hunting...

P.S. - I know MANY used record stores... ;^P

05-22-2004, 01:37 PM
Wow.. many thanks indeed! I do live in the city. In fact, I live in Queens and commute to Long Island (Upton) 2-3 days a week, so all the stores you mentioned are easily accessible! It would be fun to visit stores.I am not planning for more after turntable for now, but I might change my mind after this..

I do have a bit of LP's (most of them not here yet) and interested in used/old ones as you guessed, so the information on those would be also very useful if you kindly post it when you have time.

Thanks again!

Jimmy C
05-23-2004, 08:44 AM
...that American Audiophile is also a V.P.I. dealer... between the stores mentioned, you should have the good, entry-level tables covered.

Again, some excellent record stores are in Manhattan, although I'm not familiar with any of them. You can try AudioAsylum.com under the "Vinyl" board for particular places. As a matter of fact, record stores in the city have been previously discussed, and there is a search feature.

My favorite store is easily "Infiniti Records" in Massapequa Park... not sure of the web, but you should be able to do a search using those words. The store is LOADED with all genre and the LPs are in fantastic shape (for the most part).

Mineola, along with Commack, has "Mr. Cheapo's" records... these are my second choice to Infiniti... nice stores. They also have used CDs - a great idea. $6 instead of $16? That works for me...

"Record Stop" is a bit (o.k., VERY) messy, but there is some good stuff between the dreck. Portion Road, Ronkonkoma.

If you're into 50's stuff, "8th Avenue Records", East Islip, has a lot of oldies.

If not the City, I would stick to Infiniti... that'll keep you busy!