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05-20-2004, 08:42 PM
I saw this at Wal-mart for $10.98, so I picked it up, seeing that it was a comp of older stuff, mainly from their early days with a couple of 'newer' ones. I say 'newer' ones, since this CD came out in '94. Not having ever heard the first two albums from this band, I was pleased to find this compilation. (These guys were the real deal once, weren't they?) I won't list all the songs here (one could scoot over to AMG to see the track list). Suffice to say that this disc is a great addendum to the <i>Best Of</i> from '76, or the <i>Greatest Hits</i> from '92. The only track that is repeated from either of those other two CDs is the song 'My Head's In Mississippi', which here represents 'new' material. They even threw in a couple of tunes off the <i>Eliminator</i> album, 'If I Could Only Flag Her Down' and 'I Need You Tonight'. The only <b>ZZ Top</b> CDs I own are the afore mentioned hits comps (though I did own <i>DeGuello, El Loco</i>, and <i>Tres Hombres</i> on tape years ago). If there is anyone else whose only familiarity with <b>ZZ Top</b> is one of the hits comps or one of their dreadful '90s albums, then pick up <i>One Foot In The Blues</i>. Amazing (or not) that years after this band's uber successful '80s MTV years, those songs would sound so dated and the blues tunes on '<i>One Foot...</i>' would sound fresh in comparison. It sounds like a comp ol' Yech would make.