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The Squeaky Wheel
05-20-2004, 06:51 PM
I just purchased the 50" Samsung DLP and am looking for recommendations on a complementary DVD player.
I'd like to keep the price around $400.

The Samsung DVI seems an obvious choice. However, I only have one DVI input on the set so using HD satellite would require a switchbox (is that available, and if so, where)?

Any other choices? The Denons seem to get a lot of good press in general.
I bought the tele at BestBuy and they don't seem too knowledgeable about their own inventory. They essentially advised me to pick a model that had agreeable aesthetics.

Having SACD & DVD-A capability is a bonus, but by no means necessary. I hardly have time to listen to music with 2 little ones running around and usually resort to the digital music through my cable. I figure I could always add one down the line.

thanks in advance.

05-20-2004, 07:27 PM
How about the Bravo D1 or D2 .

05-28-2004, 04:48 AM

I have the 61" version of the same TV. And I am saying this without having done an AB test or any comparison between brands but with the Faroudija chip set in the TV enabled, using component in on a non progressive scan DVD player, the picture is stunning from my 3 year old panasonic DVD 5 disk.

What I am saying is that the chip set in the TV is going to make any DVD player look good, as I think the chipset works better than the progressive scanning in most DVD players.

I have looked around the net a fair bit and that is a pretty general consensus WRT to the Samsung DLP's and DVD players.

You may have just saved $400.

BTW, invest in the AVIA set up disk (or sound and vision or one of the others that are available) and perform a picture calibration (especially the color and tint). I think you will be very pleased with the end result. I have noticed a significant improvement in flesh tones, black levels and transition from light to dark/ dark to light. Well worth the time and effort IMHO.



05-29-2004, 11:35 AM
If I were you, I'd try to pick up a used Denon DVD-2200 for around that price. They have VERY impressive video, IMHO.

05-30-2004, 04:21 AM
since the native rate of your display is 720p i would try the samsung dvd with a DVI switcher ( Gefen, inc or Dtronics ) or the Zenith dvb813 (i think thats the right # ) which is said to output 1080i thru component video