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05-19-2004, 07:50 AM
Hi this is my first post on this forum so id better start by saying I know very little about audio setups and technical terms involved, so please bear with me.

Ok this is my problem, I have a logic 3 soundstation for use with my Xbox and Playstation 2 games consoles. The speakers in question come with a scart adapter that allows you to hook them up to any games console that uses a scart connection. This is all well and good but at the moment i can only hook up one of the consoles at a time, this makes it very frustrating when i want to use my logic 3 speakers on both consoles as i have to mess about behind the TV to change the speakers connection to the console i want to use...so to cut an even longer story short, do any of you know of a way to hook up both of the consoles simitaniously so i dont have all the messing about behind the TV trouble.

Any more information you need i will try and give.

Any help will be most appreciated :)