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05-18-2004, 09:43 PM
just bought the yamaha yht-150 and i got my dvd player working with the receiver but i cant get the tv to work. i lowered the volume all the way and i looked for options to change the sound device. please help. thanks

05-19-2004, 09:12 PM
ok go into your tv's settings and select "audio output" or "externel speakers" then if you have the audio cable left and right going into your amps tv analog inputs then you should be set. when you hit tv of course on the remote for the amp.

can you give a bit more information on how everything is hooked up. like dvd player into amp with what analog or fibre optic or coax.

Mr Peabody
05-20-2004, 07:47 PM
For HT I use my TV as a monitor only. You should be using digital out of your DVD to your receiver for sound. Then either go from video out of the DVD to your TV, if you are a purist, or directly into a video in of your receiver. You have to decide if you are a purist and run all your video into your TV and use the TV remote to switch video sources or run all your video sources to your receiver and use it as the video switcher. I run all my video through my preamp simply because the preamp video has to be hooked up to my TV in order to see the on screen display, as the majority of you do. So i just have one video going from the output of my preamp to my TV.

If you want to watch DVD without the receiver on you will have to use an analog output on the DVD player and go directly to the TV with the audio and video. I personally have no interest in that but I do have 2 hook ups for satelite. A digital to my preamp and an analog to my TV so I don't have to have my whole system on to watch news or some other crap that wouldn't benefit much from surround sound.

I hope this gets you on the right track. If you are already set up this way, you will just have to check your manual to make sure the right switch is switched. Like if "video out 1" is what you are hooked up to, your receiver may be set on "video out 2". In my case, I had to go in and assign the ins & outs. DVD, for instance, I had to select which input, coax, toslink or analog and which number. Once it's set, it's set, unless I change my basic configuration for some reason.