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05-09-2004, 11:51 PM
Hi ,
I own Jamo E550 tower speakers and planning to buy Denon AVR-1804.
Will 1804 match the Jamo E550 (4 ohm impedance) ?
And What's other major advantage of going for 1804 over 1604 other than power ?

My friend is planning to buy 1604 model (He liked the sound and fits his budget).
Is there any bug in 1604 , I read few posts which talk about 1602 had to switch 2-3 times
before u can hear the sound.

Any help is appreciated

Jamo E550 specs(

05-10-2004, 04:13 AM
There are a few processing features, and I believe some connections on the back of the 1804 that the 1604 doesn't have, but basically the extra power is what you are paying for...and it is worth every penny...I believe the 1804 is about 5 lbs or 2-3 kg's heavier...It has a significantly larger amplifciation section. Since you're driving 4 ohm speakers, you'd probably want this.

I had a 2803 in my house for a week, and found Denon to be a very impressive receiver. It finished #2 on my list only behind Yamaha RX-V1400.

My only concern is that you are driving 4 ohms speakers. In my limited experience, Denon isn't really the best at driving low impedance speakers...most people in my area buy Harman Kardon or Yamaha for low impedance, or separate power amps.
But Denon claims their receivers can do it, and as long as you aren't running your system at full power for a long time, it'll probably be fine.

05-11-2004, 10:55 PM
Thanks a lot.
May be you can also share some thoughts on this ,
On DVD Player front, I was looking for the DVD Player without DD,DTS decoders since I will
always connect it to A/V receiver via Digital out.
So why pay for those decoders when I m not going to use it. Also my preference is sound quality,
and reliability. Is there any (Budget) DVD Player that comes to your mind ?