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05-08-2004, 01:21 PM
I can't even remember getting this comp. I found it in my garage today and I've played twice already. VERY GOOD!! At least from track 7 on...track 1 is good, but I found myself getting fatigued after track 6. I was just about ready to hit the eject button when <i>Good Sh!tte</i> came on, and then the comp takes off from there. Hey 10 good tracks out of 16 is good for someone else's comp, IMO. I am wondering what time frame these groups are from, since some of these sound like they were dubbed from LP. Not that that's a detractor or anything. I like it, and it fit in perfect with my day. Thanks JC, and sorry it took me so long to play it and get back to you.

BTW: Did you do the cover art?

Thanks again,