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05-08-2004, 02:26 AM
I'm new to this and have just purchased one of these speakers as a Center. I have been reading quite a bit about a MOD package for these but am not real sure why or what
purpose it serves. (Audiophile I am NOT - Laugh). Is this a night and day thing, as the speaker doesn't sound bad to me, but a small amount of enlightenment from some one who really knows would probably help.


EFE Speakers
05-08-2004, 01:17 PM
My advice to customers that e-mail me regarding the mod is, if you like the sound of the speaker as is, DO NOT have the modification! Some guys (read the reviews) think the stock speaker sounds great, in my opinion it is way too bright and harsh, especially at higher volumes, even after it is broken in. It might sound better on some equipment, or perhaps their ears like a brighter sound as I know many do. But, for those who listen to music and want a more natural sounding speaker (voices more real, instruments more live), the modified speaker is definitely more realistic. For Home Theater, accuracy really isn't an issue, but for the critical listener who uses the speakers for music also, the stock speakers are terrible in my opinion. Read the latest review on the DV-62si speakers, the guy (John Costello) lives in NY and was very skeptical, but his opinion quickly changed when he listened critically to his favorite music.

In over 8 years of modifying BIC speakers, I've only had two or three unhappy campers, after the mod they thought the speakers were too mellow and not detailed enough. That could have been caused by several factors, equipment used , a tweeter that didn't mean specs or the customers ears just liking a brighter speaker. A number of times I've opened a new pair of BIC speakers and found the tweeters to be defective, rolling off the high frequencies way too much, so the stock speaker really didn't ail from the common problem. If customers had bought those speakers and sent me the crossovers for just the $30 modification, they would have reinstalled them and been very unhappy because the top end would have been rolled off way too much, which is what I think has happen in a couple of the cases. That is why I offer extensively modified BIC speakers that only can be purchased from me directly. The drivers are first measured to make sure they meet specs. Then I perform a more extensive modification that includes some work on the low, mid and high frequencies, perfectly matched components and a final measuring and testing of the speaker to make absolutely sure it performs as it was meant to with the mod. I cannot measure the speakers when customers purchase the $30 mod and send just the crossovers. Even with crossovers that are sent to me, I find many are not balance because the parts are sometimes off as much as 15 to 20%. The parts I install will be balanced, but the existing parts that I don't change are off by a tolerance I would normally repair with the extended modification.

My advice

Listen to your speakers for a while and see if you still like them as is, especially when playing music. If not, contact me and we can talk about the $20 CLRS mod, it's not like you'll be breaking the bank. (( ; Thanks!

Ed Frias