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05-03-2004, 11:47 AM
Finally dragged my can out to see this. Saw v1 on DVD last week and watched it the next day too. Loved it for it's action, music, mixed bag of homages and just gratuitous good natured fun, like most everybody else.

People seemed really polarized over v2, most people love it, but the ones that don't really hate it, so I was dying to make my own judgement.

I liked it a lot more than the nay sayers do. It's not nearly as bad as they say it is. At the same time, I think that a lot of the press is going a bit overboard in it's praise too. I expected it to be the kind of movie you either love or hate, but I am on the fence about it.


1. The same elements as v1 mentioned above. This was tempered by all the character exposition. It WAS kinda talky, but talky in that fun QT sorta way.

2. This movie used even more of the visually jarring film stock and cinematic style changes with mixed results (see below), but mostly good.

3. The fight in the trailer with Uma and and dolphin girl was spectacular.

4. As was the scene in the titty-bar managers office. Amazing characters and dialogue that had virtually nothing to do with the movie.

Didn't love:

1. It's just empty and obvious. There was nothing particularly interesting or surprising in the story. It's originality is based in the details, not the overall experience. Both movies have a very simple story arc and while v1 was saved by all the action and theme park ride qualities, v2 slowed it down to explain the story. The pace faltered because you were allowed to catch your breath and think about how vanilla the story was.

2. The whole Yoda thing with the teacher was really dopey. I mean, I GOT that is was a parody of 70s HK kung fu flicks with the film grain and sloppy zooms, ok? Don't beat me over the head with it. The whole teacher student thing has been beaten into the ground in movies and this offered nothing new.

3. Carradine was bad. QT loves to resurrect has beens and he's had a magnificent track record to this point. But the Grasshopper was a stiff. Wooden and generally dazed and confused. He seems like an acid casualty.

Overall, the movie was a lot of fun, but I expect WAY more from QT. We all know the guy is a master of style, but Pulp Fiction showed that he was a master story teller too. KB is all about the style with very little story. 3.5 stars.