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07-23-2016, 05:30 PM
I had a chance to audition an IFI Phono 2 in my system. I have a friend that has a relationship with the company.

Let me start off by saying I really liked it. I compared it to my Bellari VP-129 using a rare 1950's Raytheon long shiny black plate tube which is very musical, detailed and gives a very wide and deep sound stage with powerful bass and good air and transparency. This tube really takes the Bellari up a notch in sound quality compared the NOS Mullard and Sovtek LPS tubes. The Bellari being a tube phono preamp had a bit of warm glow and bloom that I like. The midrange is deep and textured.

The IFI had a cleaner sound with a blacker background, more air and tighter, faster bass. It had a dead neutral presentation with good transparency. Overall the sound was more refined and detailed with finer resolution. You were able to pick out more nuances in the music.

The IFI also has numerous setting and 6 different RIAA EQ curves as well as dip switches to adjust MM and MC loads. It also allows you to adjust gain.

It has a lot of features found on more expensive phono pre's. Build quality is about the same as other IFI products.