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Mr Peabody
03-20-2016, 07:00 PM
I have had Phideaux, Doomsday Afternoon and Fiendish for some time, last weekend I ended up listening to both and really enjoyed the albums. Phideaux leans a bit dark and melodic, produced well, especially comparative to others in that genre. I enjoyed them so much I thought I'd go and select another title, much to my surprise most of his stuff is either out of print or maybe one left at a premium price, unless wanting the mp3 download. So I guess until more hit the street my titles are at a higher value, LOL.
I have also had an LP of UK for years and never gave it much play, I was listening to XM's Deep Tracks and they played a song of theirs I thought was pretty good, remembered I had an LP so I gave it a spin. It was pretty good, I don't know much a bout UK, the drummer seemed to stand out on this album.

Today it was some classic Renaissance, Mother Russia, Carpet of The Sun, Black Flame, Ocean Gypsy etc. love this stuff.

04-07-2016, 04:02 PM
I have Doomsday Afternoon and Seven and like both of them. You might look into a band called Wobbler which is prog of a similar motif.