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02-27-2016, 05:43 PM
Based on an extensive review by my crack dealer (Fremer) I purchased this box set and had a listen to two of these tonight. As a 10 year old I watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. As an 11 year old, I saw Help on the big screen and bought the album. At 13, I bought SPLHB and MMT. Somewhere in between I am sure I listened to many singles on the radio from Revolver and Rubber soul.

I cannot remember if my albums were stereo or mono back then ( probably stereo), but listening to Sgt Pepper tonight, I can almost feel the moment I first played it - Who were these guys? This is CRAZY! They are performing some sort of rock musical with everything from caliopes to a sitar ( did not even know what that was)! Are they on drugs?

This recording is phenominal in mono and, as much as the Beatles might be an afterthought today, this album ( and I am sure the others) deserve to be re- listened to by those who have been away from them for awhile.

While MMT was a bit more of a mashup but with a great B side (including Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Baby your a Rich Man).

12 more albums to go.....

Mr Peabody
02-28-2016, 07:36 AM
My friend bought some of the mono recordings, he wanted to play some for me, I'm like if you have to, not really being enthused about listening to mono, but I was pleasantly surprised at how overall the recent mono recordings sound better. From what I understand they were originally recorded in mono and great lengths taken to make them sound good and they did some cutting edge recording technics and experimentation. The stereo were never really stereo just mono separated to 2-channel.

Sounds like you will be doing a bit of listening :)