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02-15-2016, 05:12 PM
Madoff - A well intentioned mini-series covering the life and crime of "Uncle Bernie". Richard Dreyfus was a poor choice to play Bernie if you ask me. Too likable to play so crass and despicable individual. The only ones coming off looking worse than Madoff is the S.E.C. who were warned all the way back in '99 that massive fraud was going on, but wouldn't/couldn't do anything about it. Bernie was an equal opportunity thief though he robbed from the rich, the poor, charities and everyone in between. There was one scene though that truly liked. Madoff is under house arrest and is railing that he's "small potato's" and was one thief in a sea of thieves that was/is Wall Street. The sub-prime bubble had just burst and he, perhaps better than others, knew just how rigged the financial system was/is rigged. One interesting note though, he was supposed to be making his clients MILLIONS off of stock transactions and NEVER purchased a single one!