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Murat Uzanal
01-25-2016, 07:32 PM
I'm Murat from Istanbul /Turkey

Mr Peabody
01-25-2016, 08:49 PM
Welcome. Tell us about the audio set up you currently use.

Murat Uzanal
01-26-2016, 02:40 AM
My audio set

Counterpoint nps 400 power amp
Naim 172 xs preamp dac+stramer
Quatuor ephasus floorstanding speaker
Naim cd5-2 cd cdp
MIT Z-Center power conditioner
DH Labs Q10 Signature speaker cable
Real Cable Cheverny 2 interconnect
audioquest nrg-10 power cable
beyerdynamic t 90 headphones

Mr Peabody
01-26-2016, 04:52 PM
Nice set up. Have you ever had the Naim power amp? Naim seems to have good synergy with it's own brand. I like their gear. I haven't heard Counterpoint but know it's good stuff by reputation.