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01-16-2016, 09:27 AM
I found a good deal on a box set of Janis Joplin's four albums. Just listened to Pearl and now Kosmic Blues. I think this is why i bought a turntable.

I had the pleasure of seeing her live in 1968 - billed as Big Brother back then. She opened for Hendrix - Are You Experienced had just come out. I was 14 then and that concert cemented my musical tastes.

Finch Platte
01-16-2016, 05:42 PM
Never got into her (henh henh), but I have a CD EP of hers you can have, Rare Pearls.

I like the fact that she was braless formosa time, though. Kudos.


01-17-2016, 09:24 AM
I was fan back in the day, but don't often think of pulling out her music and playing it. My mom, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, was a big fan and loved her voice. I remember her crying when she heard about her death.

I am quite envious that you were able to see her opening for Hendrix as I never got to see either of them. As they both died in 1970, I was just a tad too young (sigh).

Mr Peabody
01-18-2016, 08:29 AM
I echo the sentiment of envy being able to see two legends like that.

I only have a couple Joplins "Best of" albums, one vinyl with her on the cover sitting on a motorcycle, the other a later CD with a different selection of tracks. I will pull Joplin from time to time for a listen, I like a lot of her tracks but really enjoy things like Summertime. There's room to argue whether she had a good singing voice but not many brought out their pain and feelings from the depth she did. Those who think she just screamed didn't get her.

There's an album of Stevie Ray Vaughn & Albert King playing together live in a Canadian studio and talking. One of the intros to a song King mentions Janis, jamming together and how she always had a drink in her hand. A good album if you don't have it, not only good playing but the conversation is worth while as well.

01-19-2016, 11:37 AM
Fortunately I signed up to be the music editor for my high school newspaper, so had plenty of excuses to be heading off to concerts. The music scene in Philly in the late 60's / early 70's was pretty rich with venues, so a good concert was happening somewhere virtually every weekend. And the cost of admission was within the reach of most teenagers. While my kids give me a puzzled look when I tell them about some of the acts I saw, even they get the value of seeing live Hendrix (3 times) The Doors (3 times), Janis, The Who, and the Rolling Stones. While my kids nod their heads as if Dad has lost the plot, no less exciting were the Jefferson Airplane (and Starship), Moody Blues, Van Morrison, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt and CSNY among others.

Several years ago, a friend who worked on the school paper with me showed me an edition he saved with my last column. I had spent 3 paragraphs castigating Jerry Jeff Walker for performing dead drunk at a small club outside of Philly (The Main Point). The last paragraph was a brief commentary on the opening act who I likened to Dylan - a scruffy young guy playing solo acoustic guitar with a harmonica around his neck - Bruce Springsteen... shades of Nebraska!

I have the SRV album I believe you are referring to ( In Session). Will dig it out for a listen this weekend.

If you ever decide to listen to Janis, today is the day - it is her birthday.