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12-23-2015, 11:10 PM
I'm looking to build a fairly simple audio system and need advice on what components I still need to make it happen.

My goals are to be able to play my Rega P1 record player into fairly ok speakers, to be able to watch movies with ok sound, and to wirelesly send music to the speakers via computer.

The components I have right now are the record player, an ok blue-ray player, 42" plasma tv w/ ok speakers, computer, and a Bose Acoustimass floor bass speaker with RCA inputs for left, rear, and center channels (dated yes but I'm ok w/ it).

What I think I still need to get is...2 top corner wall-mounted speakers for a fairly small listening area, a powered receiver or at least something like it to receive signal from a few sources (including bluetooth and/or wifi), and possibly a pre-amp and something else between my record player and receiver.

One requirement of the receiver/amp would be when watching movies to only use the TV speakers plus Boss bass unit, and when listening to phono or computer wi-fi to use the new top corner speakers + Bose unit.

Component wise I would lean toward pieces that are good quality but maybe have less options as my needs are fairly narrow and prob won't change. Would like to keep prices reasonable.

I'm all ears whaddya think?

12-24-2015, 12:18 AM
The simplest thing to do would be to buy a HT receiver with a preamp out and buy a separate amp. The HT receiver would be used for TV and then the preamp out on the HT receiver would go to a separate 2 channel amp to drive the 2 speakers for music. Or you could just buy a budget HT receiver and then a separate 2ch receiver or integrated amp with a built in phono preamp for music. This may be the cheapest way to go as a HT receiver with a preamp out will set you back at least $600 and then you need to add a separate amp.

Here is a nice HT receiver by Marantz that has every thing that you are looking for including preamp out and a phono input. It is a great buy at this price with all the features and Marantz quality. I don't think you will find anything better for the price.

MARANTZ SR5009 7.2ch 100wpc 4K Receiver Wi-Fi/BT/AirPlay SALE REDUCED $80 | Accessories4less (!specifications)

Emotiva sells some nice budget gear for a 2ch amp-

For some good sounding budget speakers take a look at the new Elac B6's and the smaller B5's which were the rage of the Newport Audio show last summer-

ELAC Debut B6 Bookshelf Speakers (Pr) at Music Direct (

Hope this helps some

Mr Peabody
12-24-2015, 08:19 AM
I know you want to use the Bose but those having built in amps makes the set up you want a bit tricky. If you were just using all passive speakers something like the Cambridge Audio SR-20 would work great.

Not only wanting to use the Bose, but also using the TV speakers presents an additional issue.

I'm not sure if the Sr-20 has preamp outputs, a HT receiver with preamp outputs would get you close as he preamp outputs would connect to the Bose. Most HT receivers don't provide a phono input for turntable though. The SR-20 has phono stage and built in DAC for streaming.

If the Bose would pass the signal through so it could go to the TV that would be ideal.

See the Bose have amps so you don't need an amp there just a preamp signal, but the passive speakers you want up high will need an amp. Now, you could buy powered speakers for up high like the Audio Engine or Vanatu (hope I spelled tht right) then find a preamp with phono stage and DAC, something like a cheaper version of the Parasound P5. Or, maybe Emotiva's cheap A/V processor. If the Bose is a full system with bass and satelites, I'd just use them and forget the TV speakers.

A thought, I personally would not use speakers up high for music. You want the speakers about even with your ears when in your normal seating position. Why not use the Bose for both music and movies?

Polk Audio has come out with a new line I just saw in Home Theater Review that is budget priced and good value to compete with speakers like Elac and Pioneer, I can't remember the name of the line though.

12-28-2015, 12:02 AM
Very interesting topic, Hello I am new here

12-28-2015, 08:09 AM
Very interesting topic, Hello I am new here

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