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10-15-2015, 01:24 PM
Hey guys,

I've been lurking these forums for some time now and figured its time I post myself. I'm looking for a new pair of headphones, preferably less than $200 but I want to make sure they have a good amount of bass to them. There is a guide ( for the "best bass headphones" that I've been referring to and I've so far got my eye on the pioneer semx9. They're not exactly cheap so I was hoping someone here would have some input on them, if not a recommendation for something better? I'm new to this so I'm not really sure what to look for in some good headphones.

I'm planning on making a decision within the next few days so any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advanced!

Mr Peabody
10-16-2015, 11:11 AM
"best bass" is not "most bass", also "best bass" is subjective to the listener. For example, I like tight bass with detail and force, probably not the best fun for those listening to pop or rap. I also like a balanced sound to where it's not too bright or bass heavy, everything is about equal.

What type of music do you listen to?

In a budget set I found a $50.00 set of Sony that had big bass. In various price points I've always found Grado to have a big rich bass, these are not necessarily my choice but phones that come to mind when big bass is mentioned. I haven't heard the Pioneer.

10-18-2015, 08:38 AM
Well, I probably don't want too much bass but I like some hard-hitting bass nothing over the top. I listen to hip hop and dubstep mostly though I do dabble in rock as well.

harley .guy07
10-19-2015, 07:23 AM
the Audio Technica ATH M50's are around your price range and have really good bass response but they are not like Beats where the bass covers up the poor mids and highs. I have a pair of them as well as Grado's and I switch back and forth. I will listen to the ATH M50 when I am in public because they are sealed design and wont leak sound like the Grado's will. But I will listen to the Grado's when I want a more "live" performance sound or when I listen to live recordings and the AT's when I want a more closed in studio sound.