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09-28-2015, 01:48 PM
HI everyone
i think I am almost set on
Ampl: Cambridge CX a 60
CD: Cambridge CXC

I listen mainly to classical/opera/chamber/piano solo/jazz music.

For (shelf) speakers the ones I liked the most so far are Totem Mite and Focal 906, but didnt have the chance to listen them back to back...

what would you expert suggest? I'd like also to throw in the choice the Sonus Faber Venere 2.0 but not able yet to listen.
How do you think these brands would work with Cambridge?

thanks in advance

09-28-2015, 04:19 PM
lorcar, have you digested the comments supplied by blackraven and me to your earlier question?

You now say, "Thanks in advance"; will we get some thanks after the fact too?

09-28-2015, 07:36 PM
Can't help you with your speaker choices. I have only heard the Focal 700 series.

I like what I heard of the Sonus Faber Venere 3.0's and they would be great for your type of music. I would get a speaker that is easy to drive (88db sensitivity and higher) with that Integrated amp, especially since you like Classical Music since you will need dynamics and a good transient response to really appreciate the music.

Mr Peabody
09-28-2015, 07:44 PM
Both Focal & Totem are good. Based on what you've said so far I'd lean a bit toward the Totem for the refinement and imaging. Focal would be less warm than Totem and could come off a bit more lively though. Sonus Faber have their fans but I'm not one. In an over achieving stand mount you might want to also consider Dynaudio. Another really good speaker and would match well would be the KEF LS50. The LS50 doesn't extend as low as the KEF floorstanders but does have the same voicing for mids and highs which makes it a great little monitor. You shouldn't have any problem finding info on the LS50 as it's pretty much on it's way to being a classic. I've heard the LS50 on the same system as a set of KEF's Ref 3's, the timbre matching of the two models was remarkable.