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09-01-2015, 09:00 PM

PC magazine recently ran four internet browsers Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, and Opera thru several tests to see which one will be crowned the best overall browser.

Here is run down of each browser performance:

Microsoft new browser Edge has improved to the point that itís competitive, though perhaps not as much as Microsoft would make it seem. Still, its lack of extensibility and proper syncing drag it down, at least until theyíre added later this year.

Firefox also performed admirably, until it bogged down under our real-world stress test.

Opera zips through benchmarks and real-world tests alike. Sure, it lacks the tight OS and service integration of Chrome, IE, and Edgeóbut some may see that as a bonus.

Chrome has a well-deserved reputation for glomming on to and gobbling up any available memory, and our benchmarks prove it. But itís stable, extensible, performs well, integrates into other services, and reveals its depths and complexity only if you actively seek it out.

So Google Chrome crowned the best browser, with Opera just behind.

The best web browser of 2015: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, and Opera compared | PCWorld (


09-02-2015, 08:23 AM
I've been using Chrome for several year and haven't heard of a reason to switch, but what really make the Internet a good experience for me is this ...


Mr Peabody
09-02-2015, 06:54 PM
Interesting, I haven't tried any browsers since getting a Win 8 machine. Back in the day with XP I tried Google Chrome and it didn't work well, looks like it has improved some or maybe it was too high tech for XP. Firefox was pretty good and I used it in place of IE for a long while. First I've heard of Opera so you can see how in tune with computers I am. :)