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04-27-2004, 09:00 PM
My bookshelves Front L & R are Sony 6 ohms 60 watts
My Centre & Rears are JVC 8 ohms 100 watts.
I've had this setup for 2 wks and dont notice any abnormal sounds/distortion.
As a matter of fact, everything sounds great.
My qt is, I was told it is not advisable to have different brands, ohms & watts.
I was also told that when my amp assumes I am drawing 8 ohms for each speaker
and in fact 2 of my fronts are drawing 6 ohms, it will force the amp to work overboard.
Can I damage my system this way in the long term ? Sure in the short term, everything is
fine, but I dont want internal damage say in a few years b/c I used speakers not
FYI, I bought this JVC in a home in-a box format. I swapped speakers w/ my parents
b/c I thought the bigger Sonys fit well and looked more appealing on the floor stands I had.
Now I realize this ohm/w discrepancy I may need to change back.
If 2 ohms 40 watts is a big difference please let me know and advise whether I should swap back.
Finally, If I decide to keep the Sony Fronts, what if I set the output/vol to say fr a scale of
-10 to +10, a -5, would this put less stress on the amp? Are the differences marginal or
significant that could cause long term havoc? Thanks alot. I'm obviously a newbie and need assistance in my 1st experience/attepmt at setting up a very basic HT. Regards