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04-20-2015, 11:51 AM
I just purchased a Yamaha KX-1200u cassette deck and while I'm waiting for it's refurb to be completed (bands, tires, azimuth and alignment), it occurred to me I have no idea how to hook this up to my 'table! Back in the old days, your pre-amp/receiver had a tape in/tape out, a feature sorely lacking in modern equipment. It's literally been decades since I've recorded to tape. That said, the specs on this deck are amazing and it seems a shame to not take advantage of it.

Sooo....do I run the ic's from the phono amp directly to the Yammie's tape-in and then run the tape out to the AVR? If so, doesn't adding the extra connection compromise the sound when I'm just listening to the 'table?

04-20-2015, 12:09 PM
I use the preamp out from my int. amp to my cd recorder/player and then the output of the recorder into one of the source input RCA's. Enables me to record or just play a cd.

04-28-2015, 09:03 AM
Thanks, JM. My pre-outs from my AVR are going to my 2 channel amplifier.