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02-08-2015, 07:39 PM
I am sorry I missed this post when it first appeared. I am always suspicious of a first time poster who joins just to trash a product. Personal profile was not filled out and associated gear was not listed. No real evidence of a problem just an anonymous person saying there was one.

02-10-2015, 09:16 AM
That's too bad as they look like nice cords at (I can't believe I am going to say this about a PC) reasonable prices.

02-12-2015, 11:19 AM
I'd never heard of them before. Checked out the website briefly.

03-22-2015, 04:54 PM
This will hopefully be my last post concerning this issue. No matter what comments have been made our customer base remains supportive and continues to come to our rescue. Cal, (cmonfils1) Iím glad that youíve found a cable that suits your wants and needs. Maybe itís time to stop this smear campaign. You are definitely in the minority, or better put, in the less than one percentile as far as customer satisfaction. We are all in this wonderful hobby together, which spans from the simple enjoyment of listening to music, to what would be considered by some to border on addiction. We should all be here to help each other with our hobby, which is what ďourĒ main focus is. Not hide behind our computer screens, poking our heads out just long enough to make a negative comment, and in most cases on a subject that you have little to no personal experience with. Cal, instead of continuing with your negative posts and expressing your dislikes, why donít you simply return your cables for a full refund, with the exception of the $100.00 youíve already received for your inconvenience. This option has always been available to you, but youíve chosen to go in a different direction.

Cal, your smear campaign has backfired. Our business remains constant and continues to grow. Because of your posts we have been contacted by manufacturers and potential dealers. They have placed orders and the feedback has been positive. We know that we canít make 100% of the people happy, but our track record is pretty darn close. Weíve never claimed to build a $1000.00+ cable for a ridiculously high or low price. But we do offer a cable that shows very positive results for a fair and reasonable price.

Itís time to let it go Cal, the battle is overÖ

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