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12-31-2014, 01:48 AM
I'm attending an 8 hour lecture soon and I'm trying to equip myself with the ability to gracefully (read covertly) take snap shots of the slides that'll be used. What I'm talking about is a pair of glasses with a camera in them coupled by a wire (3.5 mm connection) to a small battery backed-up DVR unit. Glasses (as the camera) because I'll probably have to adjust my perspective to get all the shots, and a 2 piece setup because the all-in-one camera glasses I've found on the net last at most 2 hrs.

The only wired frame I've found that comes close to doing this is called either the LawMate CM-SG20 or the SUNLM480.

Unfortunately it's resolution is only 640 x 480 and that's too low for my application.

Sooo, does anyone know of a pair of specialty glasses like these (wired) with better resolution? Alternatively I suppose I could use a small wired camera designed to be attached to a hat or my own glasses.

Also, if there's another place other than here I should ask my question please let me know.

I'm all ears. Thanks

12-31-2014, 09:49 AM
Why not just take notes like everyone else? Are you planning to use the slides yourself for a presentation? If not planning to steal his intellectual property, why not ask if he'll send you a copy of the presentation. I've done this many times and the request was well received. He may also have a website where the presentation is available. Maybe even a YouTube video. Any of the choices would be of better quality than a covert distant picture of the slides.