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04-26-2004, 05:45 PM
First of all I never dug motown or female soul singers much and recently I put my foot in my mouth posting about white boys blasting hmmm should we say ethnicly challenged music from thier cars. I am now guilty having played Soul Sessions by Joss Stone at top levels in the car.

I first cought wind of this new talent on XPN having heard The Chokin Kind a ways back and not knowing much about it. Just a few weeks ago they did a full Live at the World Cafe segment full of a current live interview along with a rebroadcast of a live studio session with Joss and her band. Before I knew her age, I was impressed with her range and delivery of songs like Fell In Love With A Boy and Some Kind of Wonderful. Throughout the interview was a giggly teenage girl who was a week away from 17. Why is it when Brits sing, they sound nothing like when they talk? I was hearing a large lunged bbw belting out the soul but then this huge accented kid who I couldn't tell wether she was white or black. I assumed the latter until someones post here mentioned her looks. I did a Google image search and almost fell of my chair when the pics came up.

Anyway, This girl can sing. Her vocals are engaging and not at all irritating like a Whitney Houston or Celine Dion, both of which I can't listen to. Shes 17 now, what will she be like when she matures?

Also mentioned in someones post was the "lame" content of her first release. During her interview, she elaborated on the fact that the producer picked most of the tunes as they were recognizable. They just wanted to get her out there and on the radio before she breaks into her own songs or stronger covers.

OK back to the books,