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11-20-2014, 06:02 AM
Hi my wife just bought me this all in one system from BJ's Wholesale Club. It came with a Bose Acoustimass 6 system and a Pioneer VSX 523 receiver. I know a lot of people think Bose is garbage, but I like it. This system is in my 10x7 little Mantown room in my Basement. Here is my issue, I have a brand new Samsung 7150 series 46 inch Television with the Samsung 7500 series Blu Ray DVD Player. And before I hooked up the system my Blu Ray Player was set to BD Wise and the picture was amazing. Now since hooking it all up, that option is blacked out and I cannot use it. Is there a reason why I can't use it? The receiver has 3D and 4K pass through, and the Blu Ray and Satellite are hooked up to the back of the receiver, and then 1 HDMI to the Television in the ARC HDMI input. Really confused because I have my main system upstairs with a Yamaha receiver all hooked up the same way. And my BD Wise feature on that set up still works. Should I just junk the Pioneer and go get something like the same Yamaha I have upstairs? Long first post but thanks for any help

Mr Peabody
11-22-2014, 12:41 PM
If the Pioneer is 4k ready it should be up to the task. What is BD wise? I'm assuming you are using all HDMI connections?

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11-23-2014, 09:55 AM
So I went out and bought a matching Yamaha receiver that I have upstairs. And all the issues went away. BD Wise is a feature of Samsung. When playing a movie it switches the colors and such to the best optimal for viewing. With the Pioneer garbage it wouldn't work, plugged in and hooked up the Yamaha. And viola works as it should. This is why I have never bought a Pioneer product for anything.

Mr Peabody
11-23-2014, 11:24 AM
The HT receivers usually have a pass through or upsample setting where it either passes the video untouched or it can upsample inside the receiver, I wonder if this may have been in the wrong setting in the Pioneer to allow the BD Wise. It could very well some fault the the Pioneer but usually most companies try to stay competitive in features although some do function better than others.

11-24-2014, 07:12 AM
Nope Tech support said this entry level receiver although having 3d and 4k pass through won't work with the BD Wise feature. Yamaha for the win.