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10-08-2014, 08:54 AM
Hi All,

I've lurked about for years sucking in knowledge and recommendations on this (and other audio forums)...I am not an audiophile, due to time and money reasons....and my ears are OK for discerning decent sounds.

Anyway, there I was, at the Amherst MA town dump (Transfer Station...) dropping off stuff at the pick and leave table, where I spied some beat up old speakers.

I picked them up...fairly heavy...looks like a two way design with a 5-6 in 'woofer'....woven fabric grills and no indentifying info other than "MODEL 22" stamped on the back. Cabinet is fairly coarse particle board with a pretty nice real walnut veneer.

Bought them home, wife not impressed. Hooked them up to our casual front room system and .... they actually sound pretty decent: really nice crisp highs and mids, good stereo image etc.

Certainly worth what I paid for them....most likely I'll use them in the garage or basement...

Any ideas on the manufacturer? They remind me of early 70's speakers that came with mid-priced priced Japanese stereos...but seem different, and heavier.

No worries if I can't get them ID'd...I'll keep them because they are in my price range!

Here's a link to some quick pix I just uploaded...
Mystery Speakers From Amherst Town Dump - EggBoy (http://eggboy.smugmug.com/Mystery-Speakers-From-Amherst/)

(those are AR SRT 170's in the background...)

Any ideas?

Regards and cheers,


10-26-2014, 03:45 AM
This is only a guess, but I'd say those speakers were manufactured in the U.S. by H.H. Scott. The terminals on the back of the speaker appear to be replacements, so they're no hint, but the green grillecloth is reminiscent of some Scott speakers back "in the day." They're not of Japanese origin, as Japanese speakers (notably early Pioneer models and Sansui models) had sculpted wooden grilles over grille cloth, and the entire assembly was removable to reveal mostly junk drivers inside. That your speakers are also rather heavy also suggests U.S. manufacture, as companies like Scott used drivers with magnet assemblies of substance.

Again, only a guess.