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04-26-2004, 10:29 AM
I'm been researching about bipole and dipole speakers/sound. From what I gather, dipole create a more diffuse effect than bipole where the listener hears almost no sound in the null area (where the listener should be). This means that most of the sound the listener hears will not sound like it's coming from the actual speaker at all. However, bipoles have a greater localization effect while firing sound in two diretions to have a more diffuse effect (at least than direct radiators). This to me seems like a compromise between dipoles and direct radiating speakers, which is great. Now my problem is this. At first, I was going to use my Polk fxi3's on the sides for the actual SL and SR channels in a 7.1 setup. However, due to limitations of my room, my side surrounds are actually slightly in front of the listening area by about maybe 2 or 3 feet. The reason for this is that on one of my side walls, there's an large opening cuz it's like the hallway you walk through to get into my room. So if the length of my side wall is about 25ft, then there is only wall for maybe 15ft. I'm afraid that a lot of the sound that is supposed to be reflecting and bouncing off the wall will get lost in that open space and never be heard. Right now, the surround will be about a foot away from where the wall ends. Now, everywhere I looked it says to use "dipole" setting if you will put the speakers on the sides and bipoles for the rear. However, since the listening area is much closer to the rear surrounds than the sides in my theater (so weaker direct radiators will be better there) and most of the surround action comes from the SL and SR channels anyway (rears are 80% matrixed since there isn't much 6.1 discrete soundtracks out there), I would rather have the better surrounds on my sides in bipole mode. Also, realize that the side surrounds are each almost 10ft away from the listening posistion, which is why i want to upgrade from my small sats that are there now. What do you guys think? Will fx's purpose be lost since there is no wall to reflect off of over there? Will bipole not be good on the sides? Should i just put them in the rear? I value your opinions (sorry this is so long)...