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09-16-2014, 03:21 PM
Recently someone used my EON system and THREE of my 300's came back TICKING with no high end. I searched for discussions on the TICKING problem and found NONE!!!

I have replace tweeters before in this speaker, so I went ahead and ordered three new tweeters and . . . . new tweeters did not fix the problem:-(

To be clear, the speakers tick, or click like a time bomb - sitting alone without anything plugged in to them, except of course the power cord.

When audio is playing through them it seems to affect the regularity of the clicking, but they still click, and there are no highs, even after changing the tweeters!

Clearly the AMP section has been damaged! Are they DONE????

09-17-2014, 05:07 PM
Ticking to me means something repetitive. Since it's there when powered and no input, I think capacitors. It's where I would look first especially since tweeter replacement didn't solve the problem.

10-10-2014, 02:40 AM
Thanks for this discussion thread..