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08-08-2014, 04:13 AM
Hi, I need a little buying advice. I'm looking to completely replace my SD cinema and HiFi system with my first proper audiophile setup. Movie and CD/SACD is my main focus and I'm looking to base the 5:1+ system around the Oppo BDP-105D Darbee Edition. I've my eyes on some old Bowers CDM1-SE stereo speakers, and I have my old Jamo A305 satellites and subwoofer for the other channels. New TV will be a new 55"+ Samsung 4K LED.

Can anyone recommend a cinema amp that will complement the Oppo, bi-wire drive the B&W's, will sound ok with the Jamos and also allow a dedicated stereo architecture (like the Oppo) to best enjoy CD's and music. Room is not large but I'm a stickler for clarity and finesse rather than pounding beats. Happy to get second hand kit if it proves more cost effective than new kit. Budget not massive. Thanks

08-08-2014, 04:54 AM

Do you have a budget in mind for the HT Receiver? You probably need a 7.x that allows the Zone 2 to convert for Front L/R bi-wire.

Your starting point with the OPPO is a good one. I have 2-93s.

08-08-2014, 06:43 AM
The system you propose would be far from audiophile quality. The speakers, which may be both very good, would not provide a cohesive image throughout the movie or SACD soundstage. You may get away with speakers of the same B&W series all around, but a mix of the CDMs and satellites would result in a lacking center image at best. Imagine watching a movie with a big truck traveling from left to right. You would have all the rumble of a well balanced response in the left speaker, then going thin in the center using then satellite, the full again on the right. The same with SACD. Who wants the backup singers voices sounding better than the lead singer in the center.

The Oppo is an excellent choice, but even with the best 5.1 receiver I feel the speaker mis-match would compromise the entire system.

08-08-2014, 02:20 PM
Thanks for your helpful replies guys. As I said I'm a noob here. Would a dedicated centre speaker be like a Bowers CDMC NT help here? Your ideas regarding a good receiver would be very much appreciated. I'm happy to hear your speaker system recommendations, ,but I have a maximum of 5K to build the whole thing, including screen. Meagre by Audiophile standards I'm sure, but I want the best I can get for that, and know very little. All replies welcome. Cheers

08-08-2014, 03:00 PM
I tend to favor Marantz receivers and the Marantz sound which is a full bodied slightly warmer, high quality sound. It would be a good match with B&W speakers. You may want to consider a 5.1 set of the B&W 600 series speakers. Dyn Audio are great speakers too. They are probably much cheaper in Europe then they are here in the U.S..

If and when I upgrade my AVR it will be a Marantz.

Mr Peabody
08-08-2014, 07:40 PM
If staying in a budget the Marantz is a good suggestion but if you could put a bit more toward the receiver you might give a look at Cambridge Audio or NAD, they may give up a bit in features but I feel would sound some better for music listening. Of course, if one of the Marantz had preamp outputs you could amp an external amp down the road.

I also agree with bfalls, for optimum 5-channel for both movies and multichannel SACD it's better to have your speakers timbre matched. For keeping in he budget, at this point, it's best to get a center to match your B&W so you don't have to buy all new speakers.