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07-02-2014, 06:10 PM
I came home today to a message on my screen that informed me that Vizio was performing an automatic (and unexpected) firmware update to my M601D-A3R. "Okay", thinks I, and waited the few seconds that it took to complete. When done, the dreaded "soap opera effect" was in full bloom! "Okay", thinks I again, "it needs to have the calibration settings re-entered". Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Vizio's update had relabeled most of the settings, and made it impossible to access the rest! I must have sat there for 45 minutes trying everything that I could think of, only to have "The Young and the Restless" cinematography still firmly etched in front of me! I went on line to see if anyone else had experienced this problem, and there were several complaints describing exactly what I was experiencing...and no one had a clue as to what to do about it!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Bilbo Baggins now looks like Susan Lucci...and I'm starting to like it...

07-06-2014, 03:36 PM
Success! After posting on this forum, then several calls to Vizio customer service (none of the reps were aware that there had even BEEN an update), I continued searching the web. I came across a couple of threads on the AVS forum that were just what the Dr. ordered. One of the members had the same problem, but he was fortunate enough to have a calibration tool in his possession and immediately posted his results. The picture was almost as good as the CNET recommended settings (pre-update) and with a little tweaking (set "smooth motion" to off, not low) it's now just as good...until, of course, the next firmware update!