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David Jackson
06-29-2014, 11:04 AM
I have just acquired an older Aiwa AV-D58 receiver and it has no remote. It is not a super receiver but good enough for my shop, which is where it is. I have three speakers on a long shelf (maybe 30' long or so); two KLH 4s, which are 16 ohms impedance; they are at the ends of the shelf, and one KLH 6, which is 8 ohms impedance, and somewhat smaller than the 4s are. When I play all three speakers the 6 seems the loudest; perhaps because it, being smaller, does not need as much input power as the 4s.
According to the instruction manual, which I downloaded, the center channel volume can be set at the receiver but it needs input from the remote to do it and I have no remote!
I did find a really old Radio Shack crossover/attenuator in the garage (who knows when or why I have it). It has separate terminals for bass and treble speakers; I wonder if it is safe to use it and if I can safely bridge the terminals for bass and treble.
Any thoughts?
David Jackson

Mr Peabody
06-29-2014, 06:42 PM
If the center and main volume controls by chance are fairly even the reason the center is louder is because the impedance is half what the mains are which means it will play louder.

If no manual access to the menu from the front panel of the receiver the easiest thing to do is unhook the center speaker. I presume that attenuator has RCA type connectors and was probably designed to be used as a preamp, in this case it won't help you. If the Aiwa has preamp outputs for the center it could be possible but again the path of least effort is to unhook the center speaker.

06-29-2014, 08:00 PM
Have you tried a universal remote? You can usually get one pretty cheap. Generally a manufacturer uses many of the same IR codes across their products, or they may have a code specific to your model. It's worth a try.

Glen B
07-05-2014, 10:56 AM
You can use an L-pad attenuator on the center channel output to adjust the volume level. Wire the attenuator exactly as in the diagram that comes with the product, so that it presents a constant load to the receiver.

Speaker L-Pad Attenuator 100W Mono 3/8" Shaft 8 Ohm (

David Jackson
07-06-2014, 09:38 AM
Hi Mark;

Yes the easiest thing to do is unhook the center speaker; only problem is if it is unhooked how will it play? I don't want it to be silent, just quieter than the other ones.

David Jackson
07-06-2014, 09:47 AM
I don't have a universal remote and don't really think one would work. For some crazy reason there is a Function key on the Aiwa remote which needs to be pressed to change the center channel volume in the receiver itself. The instructions make the point that there is no way to do that without the remote! With ideas such as that it is no wonder Aiwa ceased to exist! The receiver works OK though. Remember I only paid $30 for it at a thrift shop; don't want to send more money that way on various remotes which may or may not work.
One company sells a remote it claims to be a replacement for the factory one; however their description has a caveat; their remote may or may not work the way the original one did.

David Jackson
07-06-2014, 09:49 AM
Thanks Glen; that seems the best idea. I think I will order one right away.