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05-08-2014, 07:09 AM
Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hello!

Mr Peabody
05-08-2014, 07:07 PM
Welcome to AR.

05-09-2014, 04:29 AM
2 channel audio enthusiast....good man. Carver, Rotel, AR nice.

05-09-2014, 02:43 PM
Welcome, are you a Sooner or a Cowboy fan? I went to OSU and lived in Stillwater and Tulsa for about 11 years. My wife is from Tulsa!

Go Pokes!

harley .guy07
06-06-2014, 12:21 PM
Will welcome. I live around 4 1/2 hours form you in Springfield Mo. My wife is origionaly form Ok and is a huge Sooner fan. Her family name is even Pryor in you can believe that. And yes she is connected to the Pryor Ok family. Nice to see another two channel enthusiast with us. Your profile says you have "tons of stuff", what kind of stuff do you have if you don't mind me asking?