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05-07-2014, 11:08 AM
Wooden Wand - Farmers Corner

Even if it werenít also a very good album, one track should at least win an award for best use of deep bass in a country song; or maybe itís a blues song. I donít know, call it Americana. And, seriously, get a subwoofer out and chill to the pleasant rumble of Uneasy Peace (FIXED - Click me (https://db.tt/1vQINncM))

One of the most listenable Americana albums Iíve heard in a while. A loose bit of lyrical strumming and story-telling. Usually I only get to these albums by way of Davey, but since no one comeís hear anymore, well. Spans country, blues, folk, rock. Probably in that order. If you like the genre, itís a winner.

One of the more blistering tracks has some great lyrics which Iíve attempted to transcribe for the lyric fans.

Adie, go away
Iíll hang no more from hope
Your name is the stitch
that knots this braided rope

Adie, donít let me be your dust that settles
Adie, donít melt me down for the metals

Fading back to gray
is a shot in the depth of darkness
should I fall away
or be seized and *grieved?* in the *????*

Adie, donít let me be your smoke that clears
Adie, donít make me wait a hundred years.

Your voice is like constant prayer
My mass away from home
Itís your lasso on my soul
when my shadow starts to roam

Adie, donít let me be your dust that settles
Adie, donít melt me down for the metals.


05-08-2014, 06:17 AM
Fixed the "click me" link. now it should play. Although, you won't hear bass on computer speakers...