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Jaro R.
04-25-2004, 06:54 AM
Hi! I'm planning to buy a stereo receiver. I don't have experience. And here is what I've foud :

Onkyo TX-8211 - $161.99 2x50W

Onkyo TX-8511 - $242.99 2x100W

Denon DRA-295 - $249.99 2x50W

Denon DRA-395 - $349.99 2x80W

Marantz SR-4320 - $400 2x80W

Denon DRA-685 - $499.99 2x100W

How to choose the right receiver? Onkyo TX-8511 has a good price, but it looks cheap? Denon DRA-685 and Marantz SR-4320 are more expesive, but they look better. Do you think there is big difference? If I'll buy cheaper receiver I can buy better speakers. I'm plannig to spend about 700-900$ for receiver and bookself speakers. I'll like to buy Onkyo TX-851 because of good price, but I'm afraid that is not so good than denon or marantz. Tell me if you have any experiece with any of those receivers. Thanks

Jaro Rohal from Slovakia