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04-07-2014, 09:38 AM
Got a couple of free movie passes from my friends at the Spectrum Theatre ( ( and Sugi recommended we go see "Noah". So... loving popcorn with REAL butter we trundled off to the Saturday Matinee. Great popcorn as usual... as for the movie... welp I ain't so sure. It seemed, at least to me, to be a "mash-up" of Science and Religion.... kinda like intelligent design... The narrator talks about what occured on the 6 days of creation but it occurs in fast forward so you know that they consider, at least for the film, a day was obviously longer than a day. Besides religion there's an ultra-heavy pro environmental slant to the whole film. Lots of talks about man despoiling the earth, running out of resources etc.. There's also a LOT of pridefull pontificating about the nature of "man". You don't know how much it you're supposed to "take seriously" as the movie was "inspired" by books of the old testament. Which in Hollywood terms means "bend it till it breaks". Two plus hours filled with waliking, talking rocks, really, really good people vs. really really bad people and lots of CGI and I was ready to do violence myself. I'm sure some folks enjoyed it cause they clapped at the end and according to ads, Noah made a boatload of money last weekend (sorry couldn't help myself). I myself am glad I didn't pay to see it and don't feel its a film that scientifically minded people can sit through without their heads exploding... mine almost did.

04-07-2014, 10:57 AM
your review is the second one that I have heard with the same view point. Thanks for the heads up.