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04-24-2004, 04:11 PM
hey guys, new to this forum, but not the site; I have been looking around here for years. Anyway, my home theater right now is complete junk(even my 3 or 4 year old kenwood reciever isnt that great), and I need to at least get some matched 5 channel speakers. (I don't say 5.1 because I already have a sub that I am happy with) Now, I've been looking around at Sony, and Polk sub 450-500 dollar speaker systems and its not very easy to find any kind of good reviews on them; so I was wondering what you guys thought was the best low cost 4 satellite and 1 center channel system. I know that a lot of you are probably going to tell me I should be saving my money and getting something better right? Well, being 15 my budget= zero, especially having 3 other extremely expensive hobbys. So, what I'm looking for is a good (decient by any semi-audio-guru standards) sounding system for music and movies for under 500 bucks, that doesn't have to have a sub it in.

Also, just a slightly off topic question, whats a good review (professional)site that stays real current with new products?


04-24-2004, 04:23 PM
Hey! is the expensive hobby smokin weed?
Come on! you can tell us!
Just messing with you man. :D

Used is the best I can say. Except lots of times used might not get you timbre matched stuff...Fronts from one company...surrounds from know what I mean. I think Worf or someone helped his coworker buy a whole system for a pretty tight budget. He didnt match the timbre though, but its all good.

04-24-2004, 07:58 PM
No, shouldn't do any of that stuff, its too bad for you.
My hobbies include buying 600 dollar graphics cards for computers, 1300 dollar paintball markers, 500 dollar nitro RC cars.... I think you get the drift :p

Anyway, I know I can piece systems together, I'm just looking for something that I don't have to think about a whole lot, easy to set up, etc. After all, the recieve I'm running it all off of isnt exactly world class either(an older Kenwood VR-357, hey, I got it when I was in 8th grade) as long as it sounds decient I'll be happy.

I'm not really one for buying used things, its just, I've seen too much go wrong with stuff that isnt immediatly apparent. I'm kind of shy when buying used.

Which would generally be the better company for home theater and music... not talking about kits, but with anything else. Infinity, or Polk... seeing as they are the most readely(I know something isnt right there) available to me.

04-24-2004, 08:09 PM
Try the BR-1 2 way monitors from parts express. They have had many good reviews. At $139.00 a pair you cant beat it. Heres the link:

04-25-2004, 05:42 AM
So then what would I do for a center, and surround channels?

And, I also have no clue what-so-ever what is needed to build speakers... Me+ soldering tiny things= big problem.

04-25-2004, 07:39 AM
well these are the speakers i suggest if you live in canada or near canada so you could pick them up.......

these are what i bought on a tight budget for my room. and they sound AWSOME

on this page i bought the





all on boxing day so it was very very cheap like the qt66 i got for 150 and the sub i got for 150 the qb5's for 50 bucks centre for 40 bucks

most of you wont believe me but it sounds very very good for that cheap. much better then some systems thats are 2 grand +.

a guy i know just bought thoughs 660 speakers at the top of the link for 70 bucks on sale and he took them home he was so surprised with them he swapped out his 600 + dollar energy speakers for them.... now thats got to say something.

the reason there so cheap isnt becuase there bad speakers its becuase there made in canada so they dont have to spend the money on importing them in, so the prices stay low. all that equals a awsome product for us canadians. if any of you are.......

04-25-2004, 04:46 PM
Well, unfortunately I don't live in canada to buy them from that place. It's a brand I've never heard of, but then again I havnt' heard of anything, hehe. Maybe I'll be able to find em somewhere in the US?

Those 660s arent video shielded, which is no good for me. I think I'll stick with the 66s.

Actually... I gotta check that free shipping thing, if its free to ship to the US I'll jump on em if they're as good as you say!

04-25-2004, 05:05 PM
alright scratch that... no shipping to US.

04-25-2004, 06:01 PM
you dont live near the border at all?

and the video sheilding thing as long as there a bit away your fine. usually your fronts are atleast 4 feet away from the tv.

or for the price im thinking about using them as my rears to replace my qb5 small ones.

04-25-2004, 06:03 PM
Best buy took over Futureshop a couple years back.
They are now the same company. Check BestBuy's website

04-26-2004, 04:01 AM
Personally, I couldn't stand the Quest your price range you might be able to get hooked up with some very nice Athena, Energy, or Paradigm 5 speaker kits...go that route...If not, you're better off to buy 2 or 3 nice speakers now and use birthdays and christmas to finish the system...TRUST ME, you'll be happy you did it right the first time.

Geez, kid, you selling weed? How do you support all that stuff at 15? :)

04-26-2004, 08:22 AM
Under $500 and will probably be in a small to medium size room. Why not go with the Fluance ( SX-HTB? Not the best nor the worst and inexpensive to boot ($270 delivered).