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04-23-2004, 03:25 PM

What the heck is this? Hehehe, I was at the library grabbing a couple books so thought I'd see if they had anything new in the CDs and saw this Devo disc so grabbed it. But it's the Lawrence Welk version of all their songs! All instrumental. Has anyone heard this? Pretty silly. I only got through about three songs and had to pull it. Glad I didn't drop any money on it :)

Also picked up a 2-disc Harry Nilsson Anthology and the MFSL Ultradisc II of XTC Skylarking, which is spinning now. Great album that I now have on vinyl, standard CD and now Mofi gold (soon to be copied to Memorex silver). This version sounds very good. I'd bet it's probably a lot better than the JPN remasters. Any comparisons? I only got some earlier ones.

04-23-2004, 04:55 PM
I heard that Devo thing a long time ago. I thought it was awful. Seems like it could be a cool idea, right? The execution was wretched, I thought. I don't think I made it through all the way, either. It looked real cool sitting there on my friend's shelf, but then I discovered why he never played it.

The Moog Cookbook does what I hoped that Devo CD would sound like before I actually heard it.

04-24-2004, 06:51 AM
Yeah, I have this. And you're right, it's not very good. I think I've listened to it all the way through once. It truly is the Muzak versions of theirs songs.

I did, however, include the EZ Listening version of "Whip It" on my Devo compilation just for kicks. I have no idea why they ever released that sucker - probably Mark Mothersbaugh thought it was something different to do. The problem is that it's not really creative or interesting at all.


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Dusty Chalk
04-24-2004, 08:02 AM
I have that, too. It's pretty unlistenable alright, but the problem I have with it is pretty much the opposite of Jay's -- and yet I still come to the same conclusion -- it's too accurate. This is exactly what MuzakŪ versions of Devo would sound like. I was hoping for something just slightly subversive, other than in the pure perfection of the execution. Perhaps they did it for legal reasons -- like MuzakŪ couldn't do it if they did? I don't know, I'm just hypothesizing.