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11-26-2003, 05:35 PM
Has anyone heard/seen Orb audio's new line of satellites/sub? I just got the Classic two system with a spare pair of satelites for my center channel. They look amazing and sound fabulous. I got my center channels in black to blend into my entertainment center and the two Mod2 dual-satellites for left and right in the high-shine hand polished steel. Totally worth the extra cost for the steel.

These speakers are very small, very cool looking and so far provide excellent sound for a better price than anything i've seen elsewhere.

The imaging is amazing. I've spent some time listening to acoustic tracks to hear the quality on the mid-range and upper end and some house to hear how the satelittes mix with the sub. Very clean combo.

And the company is still so small that service is very personal. I even had some questions about how to configure my components with my tuner and these guys helped me out.

11-26-2003, 07:04 PM
I have been looking for a killer 2.1 satellite/sub system and stumbled on the Orbs website.

Did you listen to anything to compare the Orbs with before deciding on the Orbs? I listened to the B&W LM1 without the subs and the MK sat/sub system. Both were nice but the MKs seemed to fizzle when turned up and lacked weight and dimension. I'm thinking of going with the mod2s with the sub. I'm hoping that (2) 4" midrange drivers and an 8" sub with a 230 watt amp might give me what the MK single 3.5" midrange and 75 watt 8 inch sub could not. If you have any feedback let me know?

12-05-2003, 07:58 AM
I didn't compare them to those speakers side by side, but I've heard the MK and thought these had a fuller sound. My Mod2s can play plenty loud without giving up any of the richness of the sound. The SW is also tight and musical and seems to outperform a lot of other subs I've heard. The fullness of the total sounds is really what did it for me.