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01-20-2014, 10:51 PM
You know it was just a matter of time :D

San Diego-based Naughty America Jan. 13 released what it claims is the porn industry’s first 4K trailer for a series of upcoming UHD adult movies, with four times the number of pixels of standard full HD:

Naughty America 4k (http://www.naughtyamerica4k.com/)

"Our aim is to make your fantasy a reality. To do this, Naughty America lives on the leading edge of technology,” founder Andreas Hronopoulos said in a statement.

Similarly to Netflix, which said it would stream Golden Globe and Emmy winning original series, “House of Cards” in 4K, Naughty America charges subscribers a monthly $25 fee for unlimited online streaming access to adult films in HD. Access to 4K fare will cost an additional $10 monthly.

Hronopoulos said filming in 4K requires a substantial investment in equipment, including cameras and editing on Apple’s new Mac Pro. For example, a 30-minute 4K video can require up to 1TB of storage, in additional to compatible servers.

4K Ultra HD Porn Coming | Home Media Magazine (http://www.homemediamagazine.com/high-def/4k-ultra-hd-porn-coming-32288)