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12-13-2013, 04:54 AM
I picked up a Sony CDP CA9ES pretty cheep and for the three songs I listened to it did not skip, but when I got it home it does frequently skip, maybe 1 out of 15 songs and it depends on the CD as well, no scratches, not the end of the world but still annoying. I did take it apart and clean the laser lens greased and checked all the gears and it still does it and now I am wondering if the laser power/ tracking/ focus is off and needs to be adjusted, I have no oscilloscope and think it would be futile to just try and wing it. another thought was just to buy a new laser assembly KSS-240A and replace it, some on e-bay for under 20 bucks, thoughts? Thanks in advance

Well I ordered a new laser assembly, less than 20 bucks and figured it could not hurt, the other one is going on 19 years old and is probably getting weak or out of whack maybe both.